Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where can I get fake braces from?

And I dont mean fake teeth with braces.. they ned to look real - I cant find them anywhere.

Where can I get fake braces from?
try printing a mask from the internet. like find a good pic of her and print it off ur comp or professional printing place. or if u really cant find fake braces, find a good pic. of Betty and just use the mouth as like a mini mask.
Reply:These guys make them for feature films, theater, costume or whatever. They were REALLY cool about my small budget and super nice. I'd give them a call or email even if you're not in LA. They may be able to help. Report It

Reply:try ebay
Reply:look online and at costume stores like party city
Reply:Why do you want FAKE BRACES? I had real ones for 2 years and trust me they will cut up your mouth and are no fun!
Reply:Why would you want them?
Reply:why on earth would you want fake braces?! lol
Reply:I've never heard of fake braces before!

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