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How can I make a wolf tail and wolf teeth?

I'm dressing up as the big bad wolf (I'm a chick) and need some help with some of the details. Pre-made tails in my area are black, but I'm going to be brown (I know, I have to be difficult). Will panty-hose stuffed with something work best, or is there some craftier way to go about it? Also, the only fake teeth/fangs I've found are clear and super crappy. What other way(s) can I give myself fangs without just painting them on? Thanks for any help!

How can I make a wolf tail and wolf teeth?
Wolves' tails are fluffy so I don't think that stuffed pantyhose would give the right look. I'd just buy a very small amount (1/8 yd if they'll sell you that little) of fake fur yardage at a fabric store --get the most convincing color/pattern. At home you can sew or glue it into a tube, and make the end more pointy by sewing or gluing... then pin it to your rear from under your clothes, or attach it to some elastic around your hips, etc.

Teeth are harder. If you can't find any vampire teeth (candy or plastic version like for Halloween, or in a costume store), I'd think some painted ones would be best (at least the two fangs)... they can be painted pretty convincingly (look in Halloween costume or face painting books at library or bookstore for tips).

You could make some awesome teeth from polymer clay but don't know how you'd hold them on your face anywhere... you wouldn't want something actually in your mouth very long. You could wear a mask though and put the teeth in that (with polymer clay, we make a bake the teeth separately, then shove them into an unbaked "gum" of clay (then bake together).

(if you're interested in making teeth from polymer clay though, check out some of the ideas on this page:

.... click on the category called "Mouths," then scroll down to *TEETH*...)


Diane B.
Reply:using paper, colors, glue, elastics and scissors

you can make both teeth and ears

draw them

color them

stick them on the elastic that you put it around your head and mouth!!!!!

good luck!!
Reply:tail... if you can find some cheap fake (wolves know FUR IS DEAD!) fur-lined coats at goodwill, maybe some quick work with scissors will net you a suitable brown tail. can you find a brown feather duster and mix the brown feathers in with the black fur? the panty-hose idea is good, but it might weigh too much if you fill it up, and come unattached at an inopportune time (and you'll lose street cred with little red riding hood if that happens.)

teeth... if you can avoid eating them, maybe those brach's candy corns would be a reasonable look-alike for wolf fangs. if there's a year-round costume store in your city, maybe you could doctor up some vampire fangs. can you find some denture adhesive to attach whatever you do find so you won't have to worry about it falling out? anything you use will probably make your mouth dry, so good luck. what DO wolves drink?

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