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Does getting a fake tooth hurt?

just the initial shots sting. the rest you wont feel-you'll be nice and numb--ask for the nitrous gas-it helps with the injections.

Does getting a fake tooth hurt?
i dont know about like an implanted tooth, but if your just having like a fake tooth added on to an existing tooth, than no.

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Does the fake tooth you get look noticable?

It shouldn't. It should blend in with the real surrounding teeth well enough to not be an eyesore.

Does the fake tooth you get look noticable?
It won't look noticeable if the dentist matches the color properly with your natural teeth.
Reply:I dont have one but my Brother and my parents have them and you can see them
Reply:Yup! Your real teeth are one color and the fake teeth are really white.
Reply:No, I have fillings that are white and they look like real teeth, people can't tell if it's done right and my mom has a few fake teeth and they look real. And it's better to have fake teeth then no teeth anyway.
Reply:no not at all, i am a dental asst. and the docter will match it to your other teeth, you wont be able to tell, so i promise you no one else will. you are going to look great okay.
Reply:Yes it can be very noticeable, especially if it is a denture or bridge. Implants are the est way to replace teeth, but make sure you get an oral %26amp; maxillofacial surgeon to put the implant in, and a proper implant restorative dentist to actually place the crown. Spend money on it, and it should be worth a lifetime of dental freedom

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My fake tooth/crown and the natural post broke off. Shouldn't the dentist be responsible?

I had a root canal and crown put on only 3.5 YRS ago.

The crown also fell off three months after he originally put it on.

He says he should pay $200 out of pocket to put in a metal post this time. Is this right? Shouldn't he have put in metal post the first time through?

What should be done when the crown breaks off with the post and build up all inside the crown?

My fake tooth/crown and the natural post broke off. Shouldn't the dentist be responsible?
Your question does not make complete sense the way it is written.

1. Depending on the condition of the tooth when the origial root canal was done, No he did not have to put in a steel post at that time. He can just shave down the natural tooth to act as the post. Very normal process.

2. If it fell of in the first three months, I'm guessing the cap just came off but the post was ok at that time. The dentist shoul have been able to just re-cement it back in place.

3. If after 3.5 years something happened and the natural post broke off in the tooth. I would have to ask do you brush your teeth at least twice a day? If not then it could be as simple as decay got under the cap and caused the natural post to weaken. Even if you do brush something like this can happen. So while 3.5 years is short it would not be unheard of either.

4. Now the dentist will need to insert a steel post and build up around that and then cement a new crown onto the new steel post.
Reply:I am sure that he recomended that certain foods should'nt be eaten, if you did he is not responsible. Also it depends on how long you've had those babies in.
Reply:Well, in America, Doctors are allowed to charge whatever they want for their services. It's a competitive business just like anyone else. Unfortunately, I think you might be stuck having to pay.

Some dentists will replace a broken crown if it's broken within a certain amount of time after being put on. 3.5 years sounds like it might be a bit too long. I believe that a person is expected to have crowns replaced every 5 years or so, (at their own expense) to avoid them breaking and you being stuck with half a tooth. It sounds like what's happened to your tooth would be difficult to fix, so it does not surprise me that your dentist wants you to pay. I doubt he ever gauranteed a lifetime warranty...crowns break often.

I'm no expert, but I've avoided having crowns put on my teeth for years since I know so many people who have to deal with broken crowns being broken for weeks before their doctor could get to them, plus all the expenses involved. Good luck...I'd go with what your dentist is offering. At least with a metal bar the post won't break again. Remember, it's your responsibility to ask questions before having any kind of medical work done. If you're unsure about something, anything, ask. You're dentist has to answer as honestly as he can.
Reply:Go see a different dentist; the other one should be responsible!

For a temporary fix, you can use a crown glue that you can buy at Walgreens.

Good Luck!!
Reply:well... did you break one of the rules about wut u can and cant do. some people never have a problem the first time... others do. think about it as ordinary and industrial power. o well its not like you can go with out it now? at least that wut ive heard. and even if im wrong and he is responsible... do you want to go to court and pay mabey thosands of $ to get out of $200? it doesnt seem worth it.


How much would a fake tooth cost?

i need a tooth pulled and replaced any idea how much that would cost ?

How much would a fake tooth cost?
It depends on what you do. A "flipper" is about $300. An implant is about $3,000.
Reply:depends on where it is first of all. which tooth do you need?
Reply:About $750 and that includes the dr.'s fee.

It's best to wait until u get some dental ins. it'll reduce it alot up to 40%
Reply:A couple thousand usually. It all depends on what kind of false tooth, where it's at and if you want it tooth colored or silver. I have a Maryland Bridge one of my front teeth. Not the main front 2, but the one next to them. I had insurance at the time, so I don't remember the exact cost.

I've had crowns put on and they run $600 I think, but those are in the back.
Reply:About $4K for tooth implant and crown.


How much for a fake tooth?

I had a tooth pulled ( two back from the bicuspid) and I feel so self concious when I laugh now. What are some of my replacement options and what are the costs?

How much for a fake tooth?
It costs about $1000 total....after xrays %26amp; everything else. Save up!!! It is SO worth it. There's nothing worse than having to hide your emotions (smiling) or your personality (laughing). You can't expect to live your life to the fullest if you always have that insecurity. I hope you take my advice!
Reply:Ask your dentist, costs vary enormously!
Reply:replacing a missing tooth runs $2000-3000 and is usually done with a bridge or an implant. i'd choose implant if i was you.

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My Fake tooth just fell!?

I have a marylin bridged tooth and it has been in for about a just fell out while i was eating....can i get it glued back in for cheap...i just got rid of my dental insurance

My Fake tooth just fell!?
if you need a temporary fix until you get to your dentist you can go to any drug store and get some temporary cement that will last for a day or two. its by the dental stuff, its easy to use. it should cost you less than fifty dollars to have it re-cemented, if you go to the dentist that put it in it may cost nothing, just call and ask.
Reply:you need to go to your dentist

i am sure it wouldn't be that expensive
Reply:If there is no new decay on your natural tooth, it can probably be rebonded.

Reply:I have seen people all over without teeth and not just hillbillys. In fact the worse place IN the world to see toothless people is NYC. So do not knock hillbillys cuz good people come out of these hills.


I got a fake tooth thing at the dentist?

ok i had to get a root canal and like after he made this toothish thing on top of the tooth and the tooth is like i dont know but its like not there but it is [if that makes sense] and the tooth thingy on top like came out when i was in the shower and i dont know what to do because im not going back to the dentist until the 17? help me if my question made any sense.

I got a fake tooth thing at the dentist?
if it hurts or makes it hard to eat call and try and get in sooner, if it doesn't hurt get it addressed on the 17th.

It sounds like you possibly had a temporary crown or a temporary filling. The good news is since you've already had the root canal, it shouldn't hurt! You need to call your dentist in the morning as soon as they open. They may need to quickly re-cement your "toothish" thing!

Your question was fine, but it would have been helpful to find out the name of the "toothish" thing.

You'll be fine! Good luck!
Reply:He put a temp. crown on while the permanent crown is being made. You need to call your dentist and they will have you come in and re-glue the temp. back on. Do it right away or you could get a massive infection in your jaw.

It only takes a few minutes to fix.

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