Sunday, August 2, 2009

How much would a fake tooth cost?

i need a tooth pulled and replaced any idea how much that would cost ?

How much would a fake tooth cost?
It depends on what you do. A "flipper" is about $300. An implant is about $3,000.
Reply:depends on where it is first of all. which tooth do you need?
Reply:About $750 and that includes the dr.'s fee.

It's best to wait until u get some dental ins. it'll reduce it alot up to 40%
Reply:A couple thousand usually. It all depends on what kind of false tooth, where it's at and if you want it tooth colored or silver. I have a Maryland Bridge one of my front teeth. Not the main front 2, but the one next to them. I had insurance at the time, so I don't remember the exact cost.

I've had crowns put on and they run $600 I think, but those are in the back.
Reply:About $4K for tooth implant and crown.


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