Saturday, July 25, 2009

I have to replace my front top tooth and i was wondering whats better an implant or a fake tooth?

here are the facts..

1.i got into an accident when i was 9 and my top front tooth came out [ it wasn't my baby tooth ]

2. i'm 18 now %26amp; at a recent dentist appointment i learned that after the accident my tooth did not grow so i barely have any bone up in my root

3. i need to take it out immediately

4. i'm hesitant on getting a fake tooth because i am afraid that it will look so fake and noticeable since its in the front of my mouth

5.and the doctor said that if i chose to get an implant that it will be longer than the rest of my teeth and it will be uneven

so which would i be better off with?

i dont want anything that looks so fake i want something that looks like the real deal

I have to replace my front top tooth and i was wondering whats better an implant or a fake tooth?
You should get a gold tooth jk, that would be cool..But anyways the fake ones look real and they pick the color of the fake one to match with the others or you can get an implant. Your choice and good luck
Reply:If you want the very best, implants are the way to go. Screw-ins are a quite revolutionary artificial replacement and are very strong and look exactly like a real tooth... the down side is that they are EXPENSIVE. If you can afford it, go for the implant.
Reply:First of all there are a few options. You could have a removable partial denture(plate), which is pretty difficult to speak with and takes some getting used to, also bone resorbs below dentures. You could have a Fixed partial denture(bridge) but you have to cut your intact adjacent teeth which isnt the best thing as the life span of a denture is approximately 15 years and that depends on parafunctional habits like bruxism(grinding) and diet. The other option is an implant. The only time the implant would have to be more forward to the other teeth is if your lower tooth in relation to the upper tooth is placed forward to the other lower teeth. This is because we try to put as little load on the implant as possible, the reason for this is that unlike natural teeth implants dont have a periodontal ligament which acts as a shock absorber. Implants before loaded with the crown is osseo-integrated(integrated with the bone). The reason that your dentist said that the tooth would be a bit longer is probably because the gingival(gum) margin of the current tooth is higher than that of the other teeth. If it is for this reason only enquire from your dentist as to how mcuh it would cost to have a bone graft done over the site at the time of extraction. Your dentist could bond a temporary bridge without damaging the adjacent teeth until the implant is ready to be placed and the tissue architechture is optimum. Implants have the best longevity dentistry has to offer. The worst result is that it would look exactly like your current tooth with a bit of the gum line higher than the other teeth.

Depending on the country you are from eg. New Zealand you could get aid from the Accident Fund to assist with the payment for your injuries.

Good Luck

Feel free to contact me if you have any doubts.
Reply:The guy who answered first (KC) seems to know and my guess is he is in the business and so am I and I would like to help you. But listen carefully, what is more important than the restoration is the restorer. The difference between them? A great restorer or prosthodontist will deliver exactly what they promised. And your expectations will be achieved.

Remember, it will NEVER be exactly like the original. Simply because we changed organic structures to inorganic hence, it is called prosthetics. But a great prosthodontist will accurately inform you, provide you the options and deliver your expectations. Unfortunately, you will find out about his skill when your all done so you wll have to see his previous achievements if you want to feel comfortable.

Finally, rarely is the best and most reputable doctor, the cheapest.

Hoping you find that doctor you can trust.


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