Friday, July 31, 2009

How do i whiten my teeth?

i've always wanted to whiten my teeth but when i asked my dentist about it he said i cant kuz it would stain my fake there a way to it without staining my fake tooth???HELP

How do i whiten my teeth?
Well, I have tried ALL kinds of OTC tooth whitening systems: the trays, all kinds of whitening gums and toothpastes, and crest white strips (both the original AND the newer kind-BTW:DON'T use these, they can cause SEVERE discomfort to your teeth. Plus they don't work very well anyway!). Now, my teeth are not badly discolored, but they are dull and I have wanted to whiten them for some time. I recently found a toothpaste that FINALLY, actually worked. You can find it in most grocery stores and supermarkets. It's called Arm and Hammer Advance White Brilliant Sparkle. I just happened to try it while going through all the toothpastes one night to see if there was something I haven't tried yet. On the box, it says you can get up to 3 shades whiter in just one tube. It is a regular toothpaste, so you use it whenever you brush. I don't know how many shades I have moved up, but I can tell you I get comments about how white my teeth are now!!

As far as your fake tooth, most OTC products aren't strong enough to affect or change the color of it. One thing you do need to be aware of, though, is that when your dentist put in your tooth, he did it so that it would blend in with the current color of your teeth at that time. That being said, once your teeth become whiter, he may either have to bleach the fake or replace it with a lighter color (or whatever it is a dentist may do.) But, I suggest to try this toothpaste first!! It's very inexpensive. Good Luck!!

P.S. You may notice that once your teeth are whiter, the color of your fake will closely match the rest of your teeth and you won't need to get the fake one adjusted!!

P.P.S. You didn't mention where in your mouth the fake tooth is. Is it one of your front teeth, or is it farther back in your mouth?
Reply:You are welcome. Good Luck!! Report It

Reply:He's right. You could whiten all the teeth around it, but that would look weird probably. You'll have to take the fake tooth out, whiten all your real teeth, and then have the dentist make you a new fake tooth that matches the whiter color of your teeth. that's my guess...
Reply:organic tooth paste
Reply:Try Crest Whitening Strips
Reply:use tooth paste with salt and lime extracts.


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