Friday, July 31, 2009

I had crowns put on two front teeth but they look so fake and thick. Can they be redone?

One of my tooth broke so the dentist recommended that I get

a crown put on it and also the other tooth next to it but they don't look nice. I'm embarrassed to even smile. I just

had it done today.

I had crowns put on two front teeth but they look so fake and thick. Can they be redone?
If they are the permanent crowns and you are not happy with them then absolutely insist they be redone. You should be happy with the work the dentist did.
Reply:Dont worry they actually look differnt and weird to you but most people will actually think they look more normal.
Reply:Call the dentist up and tell them you're not happy and see if they can do anything to fix it. If not, find another dentist and get it fixed. You can always ask to get put on a payment plan, if you can't afford to pay up front. Many dentists do this.

Also, check out lumineers:
Reply:If they are the temporary crowns than this is normal. If they are the real porcelain crowns, have a consultation with your dentist about them. We always have our patients look at the crowns before we glue them on to get their approval.
Reply:So sorry before you start a new case ask for pictures or models of other cases! Some doctors may be very good in function, but not in aesthetics. Because you already started with this dentist tell him your concerns and try to work with him. If all fails seek a dentist who specializes in "cosmetic" dentistry. Good Luck (if you are in the Midwest i have recommendations)
Reply:This sounds like a case of the hilary duff teeth! do you have crowns, or veneers?if its crowns you can do it over,but i'm not sure about veneers.
Reply:yes they can go back to the dentist that did them. Are they cemented in permanently??
Reply:Your dentist should have given you a selection to match to your present teeth---they'd match if your dentist did that. Obviously, he/she didn't think you'd care.

I'd go back and "pitch a fit"...and demand he have his lab re-do them. The last time I got mine capped, they were $650 EACH.

jeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz PITCH A FIT DUDE!
Reply:You can have them redone, but if it's because of the dentist not doing them right, you need to tell him/her. Crowns are expensive and it's not something you want to pay for again!

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