Saturday, July 25, 2009

How do I use the adhesive for the fake vampire teeth?

I bought a pair of the vampire teeth for halloween. It came with a small baggy full of white beads. My 3 y/o found them and opened them. I still have the teeth and the bead things, but no instructions. I was wondering if anyone knows the process of melting the beads so that the fangs will stick to my teeth. I'm sure you just put them in hot water or something, but..... how long, how much do I use? Any help would be appreciated.

How do I use the adhesive for the fake vampire teeth?
i know this is going to sould weird but polident or another dentur adhesive workes better tastes better and is safer to ingest. no messy mixing just do it.
Reply:When i used the beads i just put some in a spoon and heated them over a candle like a smack adict. just use a little more than you think you need and work it into a little ball of melted plastic and put into the teeth. Push them on and hold in place for a couple minutes. Its best to do it one at a time. After the plastic re-hardens trimit away with an exacto knife.

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