Monday, April 20, 2009

How about if your girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse has a fake teeth ?

How about if your girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse (husband/wife) has a fake teeth (not implant or bridge teeth), or maybe toothless do you still with her/him ? or do you leave/divorce with her/him ?

How about if your girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse has a fake teeth ?
Only if you are very shallow. Things happen in life.

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Reply:uhm, number 1 if you truely love this person and know there the one then having a fake tooth shouldnt matter.
Reply:Over their teeth? Are you kidding?
Reply:With all the advancements in cosmetic dentistry, if you%26#039;re really going to be that superficial over teeth, spend the extra cash and help them get their smile fixed.
Reply:the main thing to find out is why they dont have teeth. If they get in fights all the time and get their teeth smashed out on a regular basis, you might be the one missing teeth soon.

If they have some kind of poor health and don%26#039;t take care of their teeth, again, find someone else.

Otherwise, it%26#039;s no big deal.
Reply:If you love them you shouldn%26#039;t. I%26#039;m sure they are just as hurt or more than you are that they lost their teeth. Sometimes Dentists can make real beautiful dentures, I wouldn%26#039;t divorce them because of something they can%26#039;t help.
Reply:I have false teeth, and my wife has not left me!!!!!! She loves me for me, not my dentures. Get real already!!!! your listening to too many tv shows that makes all you young kids believe that beauty is what you see on the outside, not the inside.
Reply:Tell your spouse that you%26#039;d really like him/her to do something about their bad dental work. Be tactful and kind but honest. It%26#039;s not a reason to leave someone. You should look deeper for the real reason that you%26#039;re thinking of calling it quits.
Reply:My aren%26#039;t you the critical one. Tell us some of your flaws so we can expliot them.
Reply:If you attracted for her/his qualities a s a person it doesn%26#039;t matter if he/she has teeth or not. If you are into attraction on physical may f*** off urself and go to hell!!!


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