Monday, April 20, 2009

Are there any caps/ fake teeth to put over braces?

i am wanting to audition for a coming up movie but I still have braces, which are not part of the characters I want. I was wondering if there are any types of caps or fake teeth that you can temporarily put over braces for hours at a time without removing the brackets or wire(I know the olsen twins did it when they were young).

Are there any caps/ fake teeth to put over braces?
Not to my knowledge... but if %26#039;the Olsen twins did it%26#039;, you may want to try and search for info on it............
Reply:I never heard of such. The braces may be annoying and painful pressure on the teeth if such were used then. The braces can be worked with , try not opening your mouth fully. I know it %26#039;s a play performance but don%26#039;t emphasize them then. Your teeth may look bulky if they are covered over also. You could speak funny if they get covered up as well then. Ask the orthodontist about this to see if that%26#039;s possible. Doing so can work against you. Either way, as they say in show biz: %26quot;break a leg%26quot;.

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