Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How can I whiten my fake teeth?

Without causing them damage

How can I whiten my fake teeth?
You can't whiten fake teeth, whether it be your porcelein crowns or your denture teeth. the porcelein color is set; you would have to have the crowns redone. i usually ask my patients if they want to have their teeth bleached before i do their crowns because of this fact. denture teeth can, however, get stained, but not bleached
Reply:Crest white strip it? Or you could bleach it.
Reply:Fake Teeth ??? Veeners or Crowns there is No way to whiten these Only to replace them if you have Dental Insurance they will replace them 1 time every 5 Years check with your Insurance dont waste your money on whitening Products they willnot work...
Reply:I asked my dentist this last week. She said you can't because it's porcelain, not enamel. I was not happy. You'll have to get them remade in a lighter color.
Reply:You have answers from real mccoy dentist, what else can I say.

And they are 100 percent correct... Your insurance can get you the best answer....

Get a new set of dentures on a whiter shade..
Reply:You can't. Impossible.

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