Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can you buy fake teeth that slide over your real teeth? and where?

kinda like the ones that are gold but they are white that you slide over your own much are they and where can i buy them?

Can you buy fake teeth that slide over your real teeth? and where?
If none of the above answers seem like what you are looking for, ask your dentist about this. It's a fairly new service whera the dentist takes an impression of your teeth and sends it out to a dental laboratory to have a flexible vinyl "shell" made to slip over your teeth for temporary cosmetic use only, such as when you are going to be in some wedding photos or when you just want to "dazzle" everyone with your perfect smile. The fee would have to be in the $500 range, if not more. This is 100% custom made just for YOU and not "off the rack."
Reply:Yes, you can buy them. They have them here, Report It

Reply:yeah you can but i don't know where you can buy them.
Reply:Go to the dentist or a place that sells teeth jewelry.
Reply:you mean grillz.i dont know but if you find out holla at me kay.
Reply:At a Halloween costume store. If you are talking about really repairing teeth, you need a dentist to evaluate whether or not you need caps on your teeth—caps are for individual teeth and require grinding down of the tooth so the cap can fit over them. This is an expensive project, but some dental schools have clinics.
Reply:A dentist can apply "Veneer's" to your teeth, these are glued over your teeth and are designed to cover up problems like discoloration, chips etc. This procedure has been around for several years and is considered safe. Other than that I am not aware of any you can just purchase and slide on when you need them. Hope this helps ; )
Reply:U can buy a grill 4 ur teeth but b sure 2 talk 2 ur dentist b4 doing anything u might l8ter regret...


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